Brazilian Twitch streamer Gaules secures rights to co-stream NBA Playoffs

Theo Salaun
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One of Brazil’s biggest Twitch streamers, Gaules, has reportedly secured the rights to co-stream the NBA Playoffs (and over 100 games in the 2021-22 season). This is an interesting development as co-streaming continues to emerge on Twitch.

While Twitch might best be known for its gaming content, the live-streaming platform has continued to expand its repertoire. In recent years, “Just Chatting” content (including the “Hot Tubs” category) has taken center stage — while traditional sports organizations like the NFL have tested the waters with game broadcasts.

Now, the NBA is getting in on the action by allowing Brazilian streamer Gaules to co-stream Playoff games. 

In doing so, the basketball league is globalizing its audience and following a key esports trend in the process. Co-streaming has become a popular way to boost viewership and expand audiences recently, most notably seen with Valorant’s VCT Masters. Now, Gaules will be able to do the same with the NBA.

As shared on YouTube, Gaules and the NBA have partnered to allow the Brazilian streamer to co-stream playoff matches starting on June 2. Additionally, he has already earned the ability to broadcast another 100-plus matches next season.

Already a global sport, this move allows the NBA to continue growing its popularity internationally while tapping into a younger market. Simultaneously, it allows Twitch to expand the versatility of their portfolio and cement the value of co-streaming.

Gaules is already known for co-streaming esports like Valorant Masters. And the practice has already become so popular that 100 Thieves’ Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag dropped his Twitch partnership in order to co-stream CDL matches (which are exclusive to YouTube).

With 2.7 million followers on Twitch, Gaules has a huge platform and that’s precisely what the NBA is hoping to tap into.

It remains unclear if there will be any regional restrictions set in place, as details of the NBA’s broadcast partnerships most certainly differ between international markets like North America and South America. Additionally, the partnership seems to be between Gaules, the NBA, and Budweiser. 

No word yet on whether Twitch is allowed to do beer giveaways, though.

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