IRL Twitch streamer stuck on broken roller coaster while live

CookSux | Twitch

IRL Twitch streamer CookSux got on a roller coaster in Vietnam only to find out that the safety bar wasn’t working properly. He was stuck on the rickety ride until it was over.

Twitch has no shortage of wild moments from IRL streamers. From people getting their phones stolen while streaming to people pretending to have their phones stolen while streaming, there’s a whole spectrum of bizarre happenings on the platform.

CookSux has been IRL streaming for years, and he often travels to different parts of the world to give his viewers a glimpse of his adventures around the globe.

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However, when he decided to check out an amusement park in Vietnam, he discovered that the roller coaster wasn’t working properly. He was able to easily lift the safety bar meant to keep him in place. With the roller coaster already moving, he was stuck on the ride.

CookSux rides malfunctioning roller coaster while live on Twitch

Despite everything that happens when IRL Twitch streamers are live, it’s rare that someone’s life is in danger. However, CookSux wound up landing himself in a difficult situation.

After getting on a roller coaster in Vietnam, he noticed that the safety bar wasn’t locked in place. This meant that only the seatbelt was keeping him on the ride.

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He quickly scanned the coaster to see if any loops or parts would put him upside down on the ride ahead before bracing himself.

Cook said right at the top of the coaster “I feel like my body could fly out of this seat at any moment.” His chat began spamming things like “last stream” and “Final Destination” as he went through the ride.

He screamed “This thing is not safe!” as he made his speedy descent. Fortunately, it was a pretty tame roller coaster and a quick ride. He told staff at the park that it was broken, to which they replied “no lock”, nodded, and laughed.

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You can find the full roller coaster ride in the VoD on his Twitch channel at around the 2:25 mark.