Twitch streamer KiaraaKitty criticized for pretending to have her phone stolen on stream

twitch streamer kiaraakittyInstagram: kiaraakitty

Twitch streamer KiaraaKitty has been criticized for apparently pretending to have her phone stolen during a stream, only to drop it and reveal she had faked it the entire time.

Twitch is the home of the wildest and wacky content on the internet, barring the various terms and conditions placed on streamers, there’s no telling what you might find when tuning into a stream.

Oftentimes, explosive or unusual content on Twitch can lead to major viewership and popularity, so streamers don’t mind and sometimes even seek out crazy content for their viewers to enjoy. This can even mean creating content that can be controversial at times, just for the sake of gaining that clout.

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Now, a Twitch streamer appears to have accidentally exposed their own thievery, accused of it being a ploy to get a viral clip.

Streamer Kiaraakitty was studying in a library when she left her phone out. The phone, which was also her camera for the broadcast, was taken from behind, with the individual sprinting away from the crime scene, ensuring not to be caught.

However, the jig was up as the thief ended up dropping the phone, causing the camera to point upward, revealing the true identity of the burglar. As it turns out, Kiaraakitty had “stolen” her own phone.

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KiaraKitty’s stream immediately ended at this point. Commenters have accused her of turning off the stream to avoid backlash from viewers calling her out.

Kiaraakitty seemed to have found the whole ordeal rather funny, as she giggles after dropping the phone.

Some Reddit users have slammed Kiaraakitty, stating the whole situation is “embarrassing” and pointing out how stupid her idea was. Some expressed frustration with faked scams and schemes on Twitch, wanting a stop to this falsified form of content.

It’s uncertain whether or not Kiaraakitty will receive a punishment for her actions, but it seems that according to various commenters, her embarrassment for the situation may not be enough.

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