IRL Twitch streamer mortified after goose attacks her during livestream

Michael Gwilliam
A duck assaulted Justketh on Twitch

Twitch streamer ‘justketh’ found herself left bruised purple after a goose attacked her during a live broadcast.

During a November 4 stream in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the IRL streamer came into contact with a goose around some water and decided to film the animal.

As the goose slowly crept out of the water and towards keth, she kept the camera rolling, pointing downwards at the creature. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, it attacked and grabbed into her.

Despite her cries and shrieks, the bird continued its vicious attack, eventually biting onto justketh’s private area.

Streamer gets attacked by a duck
Justketh was attacked by a goose.

Luckily, a man with a stick showed up onto the scene and chased the goose away, but not before the streaming turned around to face her viewers, exclaiming: “he bit my va*ina!”

As she turned around, she flinched seeing the animal off in the distance, still being chased by the man who nailed the bird with his stick.

After walking to the bathroom to check on her injuries, keth returned and updated her viewers on the extent of the damage.

“I have a big circle,” she revealed. “It’s red and purple. It’s on my weewee.”

For her part, however, the streamer still managed to smile and joke about her close encounter with the goose kind.

“Imagine if you were a guy!” she laughed. “You would have lost that thing.”

While the attack may have looked pretty bad and left her bruised, justketh didn’t let the goose attack keep her from enjoying the rest of her broadcast, which went on for over six more hours.

Keth isn’t the first IRL streamer to be attacked by animals during a live broadcast. Earlier in 2020, popular Twitch star ‘Jinny’ had a rough time combatting a wild deer in Denmark.

As much we may love animals, they can still be very dangerous. At least this latest incident didn’t result in any serious injuries.