Twitch streamer Jinny attacked by wild deer in IRL broadcast

Jinny attacked by deerInstagram/yyj0728/Twitch/JinnyTTV

Twitch star ‘Jinny’ had quite a scare during a September 8 IRL broadcast while visiting Denmark and trying to feed deer.

The popular streamer was going through a tourist area where people can pet and interact with deer. Being quite the joker, Jinny told her chat she was in search of a “legendary deer.”

While in a new area, she spotted a white deer – something her chat dubbed “shiny” in a clear Pokemon reference. However, as she approached the animal, she was in store for a rude awakening.

Mere moments after entering this area, Jinny found herself under attack by an aggressive buck who used his antlers to poke and scratch the vacationing streamer.

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“Oh no! Do not attack!” she begged the buck, who used its antlers to go after her plastic bag of food. “Oh my god. Don’t do that! Don’t use your horn.”

The deer seemed to finally let up after Jinny gave it some food, but the moment of peace was only temporary, as she began to be poked in her backside.

“Someone attacked my a**,” she exclaimed as she wandered away from the deer and directly into contact with another angry buck who appeared to headbutt her with his antlers.

Eventually, Jinny just put her bags on the ground and let the animals dig in – but even though she surrendered the food, they continued their aggressive behavior, even more so when she tried to take her food away.

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As she backed away, the deer viciously headbutted the streamer and ran off with her personal bag – and could have even gored her in the stomach with its antlers, had things gone south. This moment was nearly a disaster, as Jinny has had her passport and other items stolen on trips in the past.

Luckily, the deer ended up dropping the bag and a man returned it to the streamer. Nonetheless, the incident was clearly one that Jinny should be thankful didn’t result in serious injury or even robbery.

There’s no telling what other crazy adventures Jinny will get into while touring Europe.

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