Twitch streamer woken by paramedics after worried viewers call ambulance

Ambulance with Twitch logoPixabay

A Twitch streamer got quite the rude awakening after paramedics stormed his house after getting a call from viewers worried because he fell asleep during a live broadcast.

Streamer smokey1981_nl was playing Valorant with his team down by six points when he began to rest his eyes for a bit.

Even after the round ended, extending his team’s deficit to seven, the streamer didn’t move and rejoin the action during the Buy Phase, having fallen fast asleep.

While many viewers at this point would probably tune out or just chat amongst themselves, one believed that smokey could have been in danger.

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Streamer is woken up by paramedicsTwitch/smokey1981_nl
Wake up, grab a brush and put a little makeup.

User NotThatDifficult took to chat to explain how they believed the Valorant player didn’t look quite right with how he was positioned.

“It doesn’t look like sleeping,” they wrote in Dutch. “I just called the [ambulance] to be sure. “Only know their name and have heard his hometown.”

It’s not clear exactly how NotThatDifficult knew where smokey lived, but a few moments later, the user further added: “They should already be behind his address.”

Lo and behold, only a few moments later, a loud banging noise can be heard, presumingly because a door was knocked down.

Only seconds after, paramedics arrived on the scene and woke the sleeping streamer up, startling him in the process.

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For his part, Smokey looked to be just as confused as the paramedic sounded with the two speaking in Dutch for a bit before the streamer decided to mute himself.

As it turned out the streamer was fine – just tired – and the call for help was a bit over-the-top as he returned to the broadcast once the paramedics had left.

Smokey may want to consider falling asleep in his bed and ending his stream in the future, especially if his viewers care to the extent that they’d call for an ambulance if he falls asleep at his desk.