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TikTok’s viral “Two pretty best friends” meme explained

Published: 4/Nov/2020 16:09

by Alice Hearing


Halloween might be over, but TikTok is still being spooked by one TikToker with extremely piercing eyes, and he has become a viral meme.

It originates from user @jayrscottyy who sparked a ton of backlash after he posted a video saying “I ain’t ever see two pretty best friends, it’s always one of them gotta be ugly.”

The video blew up and has been seen more than 28 million times at the time of writing alone, let alone the sheer number of duets, use of the sound, and references in comments or videos.

Some viewers were angry about the concept and hit back, with one person writing “So who’s your pretty friend.” Others duetted the sound with their best friend to disprove his point.

Jordan Scott instagram two pretty best friends meme
Instagram: Jordan Scott
Jordan’s TikTok account has grown by more than 300k followers since November 1

Many were left astounded by his persona, and his striking light-colored eyes, to the extent that some even theorized that he could be a robot. One person said, “I’m genuinely so afraid of this man,” while another said that he “looks like an android.”

Someone else said, “He’s made by Apple, he’s actually a new Apple product.” Others have also expressed concern that he doesn’t appear to even blink in his videos.

@jayrscottyywhy y’all never choose another equal to be y’all best friend?? I hate when the ugly one call the pretty 1 “twin” if ur best friend bad as u tag her rn♬ original sound – 🦋

One person went so far as to duet him pointing out his slightly bizarre and confusing replies to some of the comments. He said, “Something is going on behind the scenes I’m certain of it.”

@yomickiisomething is going on behind the scenes I’m certain of it ##fyp♬ original sound – 🦋

Since the meme blew up, several people, including some of the app’s biggest creators like Tana Mongeau and Threedotcorey, have found the original videos days after the meme started to reach every corner of TikTok. One comment with more than 134,000 likes read “POV: you finally found the original.”

In the last few days, Jordan Scott’s TikTok account has earned more than 300k followers since the beginning of November, taking him up to 837,000. The rest of his content has comfortably hit more than 1 million views per video.


GTA RP streamer shocked after Twitch bans him for visiting in-game adult club

Published: 26/Feb/2021 6:15

by Andrew Amos


Twitch has banned NoPixel 3.0 streamer ‘RatedEpicz’ after an in-game incident, however the circumstances have pulled the platform’s double standards into question.

GTA roleplaying (RP) is taking over Twitch yet again. With streamers like Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar, and more getting back on the trend, servers like NoPixel 3.0 are popping yet again.

The Rockstar title, first released in Sep. 2013, isn’t known for being the most family-friendly. Lives of high crime, and the trimmings that come with that, are the norm. However, RP servers make the experience a little bit more tame.

So, when RatedEpicz decided to enter the Vanilla Unicorn in GTA 5 as part of his RP content, he didn’t really think twice about it. The adult club is part of the game, and people have gone there before.

However, Twitch pinged him for adult content, banning the streamer.

“They got me boys. Hold it down,” he said on Twitter. He added later in Discord that he believes “being in the VU” was the main reason behind his suspension.

While the ban is a minor one, the community has gotten into an uproar over the platform’s double standards for two reasons.

The first is there are a number of other streamers doing worse things through GTA RP. The notorious Ricegum was highlighted as one case of being seemingly above Twitch’s law when it comes to roleplay streams.

The second is the Vanilla Unicorn is a part of the game anyone can enter. While not explicit entirely, the heavy suggestions might toe the line of Twitch’s adult content policy. However, many believe it should be whitelisted.

Vanilla Unicorn in GTA 5
The Vanilla Unicorn has been highlighted as the reason for RatedEpicz’ Twich ban.

Reportedly, a number of other Twitch streamers were alerted to the problem’s surrounding the Vanilla Unicorn in GTA 5. The number of warnings handed out has forced the NoPixel devs to shut down that part of the map.

The devs also joked about the double standards surrounding Twitch gaming streams and IRL Just Chatting content, claiming “we are going to add hot tubs to VU and call it Just Chatting.”

RatedEpicz has appealed the suspension in the hopes of removing the strike from his account. Until then, he will be staying far away from the Vanilla Unicorn to try and avoid Twitch’s wrath.