IRL Twitch streamer disgusted after biker randomly spits gum at her

. 1 year ago
Babyhsu gets spit on by biker

Twitch streamer BabyHsu has left absolutely disgusted during a March 28 broadcast when a man on a bike spat his gum out at her head for seemingly no reason whatsoever.

During the stream, in which popular IRL streamer BabyHsu explored the city of Taipei, she was talking with her chat about people changing their usernames when suddenly, a man on a bicycle rode up behind her.

As she read chat and carried on with her business, the man made a turn and came up right behind the streamer before appearing to either spit or toss his gum right at the back of her head.

Just as BabyHsu had finished making her point, a piece of gum connected with her head, making the Twitch streamer turn her attention to the biker who just rode off into the distance.

“What the actual f**k?!” she gasped before feeling the hair on the back of her head. “He spat on me! The guy just spat on me!”

As it turns out, a piece of gum actually got stuck to her hair and she was forced to pull it out. Completely disgusted and at a loss of words, she dug into her purse to find some hand sanitizer.

“This is when I wish I had my f***ing pepper spray,” she remarked, suggesting she would have confronted the biker with it. “I don’t even know how to react right now because it’s f***ing gross and ridiculous.”

babyhsu888 takes gum out of her hair during stream
BabyHsu had gum stuck to her hair.

While her viewers wanted the streamer to chase the man down, she declined to do so, simply because of the fact the assailant was on a bike and would be too hard to catch up to.

According to BabyHsu, she believes the spin attack was deliberate with the man purposefully trying to hit her with the wad of gum.

It’s unclear exactly why the suspect felt the need to randomly spit on her like that and it certainly wasn’t an ideal way to end a broadcast. Hopefully, future broadcasts for BabyHsu are a lot less gross.

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