Fitness streamer Knut accidentally exposes shoplifter on IRL Twitch stream

knut and shoplifter on twitch streamKnut

Twitch streamer Knut was left in stitches after he accidentally exposed a shoplifter stealing from a supermarket live on his Twitch stream.

Knut Spildrejorde is one of Twitch’s biggest IRL streamers. Best known for his bodybuilding, Knut streams his workout regimen and dietary plan to encourage others to get into shape.

Food is, of course, a crucial part of bodybuilding. Maintaining a protein-rich diet is pivotable in allowing bodybuilders like Knut to maintain or improve their body mass.

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However, while streaming himself shopping, Knut inadvertently exposed a shoplifter who was sheepishly hiding an undetermined item in his jacket pocket.

Knut posting in front of IEM trophyInstagram: KnutSpild
Boasting 132k followers, Knut is one of Twitch’s biggest fitness streamers.

While analyzing the nutritional value of a multipack of frozen pepperoni pizzas, Knut had placed his camera on the shopping cart, providing a wide-action shot of the Norwegian supermarket.

Knut reviewed the footage on his stream, and it’s fair to say he found the whole situation absolutely hilarious. Keep an eye on the left side of the video.

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“He’s actually yoinking!” he shouted, in between bursts of laughter. “Look at him coming around the corner, walking in. Yoink.”

The clip later shows one of the shoplifter’s associates eyeing the camera. We don’t know if that influenced them to double-think their crime, but his reaction makes for entertaining viewing.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first occasion where Knut’s had an opportunistic thief hijack his stream. Back in June 2019, Knut went viral after a seagull stole his lunch while he was traveling in Sweden.

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IRL streams in general have captured some of Twitch’s most bizarre moments, from farting elephants to cycling collisions. This latest incident is very much a continuation of this tradition.

It’s not yet known whether Knut’s secret surveillance has helped Norwegian law enforcement catch the perpetrators, but this is probably the first time a Twitch stream has accidentally doubled up as CCTV.

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