IRL streamer EBZ goes crazy at parking attendant for doing her job

Connor Bennett

YouTube IRL streamer Ebenezer ‘EBZ’ Lembe turned his fury onto a bemused parking attendant while streaming and couldn’t let it lie when he drove away. 

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EBZ gained popularity as a streamer after being a part of Ice Poseidon‘s infamous CX crew – popping up every now and again with hilarious antics that usually stem from some sort of rage. 

After splitting off from the streaming group, he’s created a niche for himself on YouTube despite turning that rage at viewers for their clips – threatening to sue them – and even his housemates – by saying he will fight them. Yet, he took that anger one step further during a driving stream when he couldn’t find a suitable place to park. 

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YouTube: EBZEven when he tries to remain clam, EBZ’s stream contain some sort of rage.

During his July 14 stream, the YouTuber had been driving around looking for a parking spot when he stopped and was informed that he couldn’t park where he was. That set him off as he turned his anger onto an unsuspecting parking attendant. 

“That should be the first statement, where I actually can park instead of telling where I can’t park,” started the streamer. “Just tell me where I can park since you’re so smart about it bitch, shut the fuck up – shut the fuck up.”

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However, EBZ couldn’t leave the argument there as he carried on ranting to himself and repeating his previous statements over and over. 

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Of course, it’s not the first time that EBZ has left fans confused during a broadcast from his car – even though the road rage is a new one.

Back in April, viewers pleaded with the streamer to stop driving as he appeared to be falling asleep behind the wheel. Thankfully for the streamer, and his viewers, he was able to make it to his destination but the scenes were clearly unnerving. 

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Considering the trouble he’s run into while streaming from his car, it might be a good idea for EBZ to re-consider any future broadcasts when he’s on the road – especially when it could land him in more trouble than its worth.

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