Twitch streamer has perfect response to ‘Karen’ accusing him of trespassing on boat dock

Virginia Glaze

A Twitch streamer wasn’t bothered at all after a ‘Karen’ accused him of trespassing on a boat dock.

IRL streams are known for catching some wild moments in real time, and a broadcast from Twitch streamer ‘Glensroom1’ is no exception to this rule.

On April 9, Glen was broadcasting on a boat dock with a friend when they were approached by an irate woman walking her dog.

“You know that’s private property and it’s trespassing going down there?” she said.

However, Glen didn’t take her accusations seriously, replying in a mocking tone: “Oh no! We’re gonna get arrested?”

“Yes, actually,” she replied.

“Oh no!” Glen cried. “We’re gonna get arrested ’cause he went down there.”

“He’s an a**hole,” the woman said. “It’s private property. Stay off the dock, a**hole.”

“The cops are coming!” Glen continued to shout. “Get the f*ck outta here.”

Although Glen is currently streaming on Twitch, he used to be a comedian working with the Howard Stern Show before making content online… and it’s clear that he hasn’t lost that particular brand of humor over the years.

This is far from the first time an IRL Twitch streamer has been confronted by a stranger while broadcasting. In fact, it’s almost like IRL streamers are magnets for disgruntled passersby, many of whom take issue with them for filming in public.

For instance, Twitch streamer Extra Emily was targeted with a racist remark by a woman while streaming in a McDonald’s, while popular IRL broadcaster JinnyTTY was harangued by a stranger calling her career “sad” during a stream in 2022.

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