Streamer EBZ threatens to sue viewer that clipped him picking his nose

Unsplash / EBZ

IRL streamer Ebenezer ‘EBZ’ Lembe threatened legal action against a viewer who posted a video of him picking his a nose and eating it, a video he has also called fake.

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Being in the public eye like streamers often are, chances are you’ll get a moment you don’t want people to see get captured, as was the case with EBZ.

A clip of EBZ picking his nose and then eating it went viral on the LivestreamFails subreddit, leading him to respond in an additional clip by saying he will be contacting his lawyer.

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EBZ calls the video fake

Not only was EBZ caught on camera doing the cardinal sin of picking your nose and eating it, but he has since called the video a “deepfake” and threatened to call his lawyer about it.

He doesn’t say exactly why he’d contact his lawyer but it can be deduced that he’d go after whoever posted the initial clip.

“I saw that video and I was like ‘what the fuck’, maybe I was just blitzed out of my mind,” he said. “What I am gonna do is call a lawyer now, that’s what I am gonna do.

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If he actually did decide to sue someone it’s highly unlikely any actual legal action would come from it but it would be interesting to see him try.

EBZ fell asleep while driving in April

In April, EBZ made a reckless decision to go driving while intoxicated, which led to a wild ride for both himself as his viewers as he stepped behind the wheel of his car.

His chat pleaded with him to end the broadcast as he dozed off while driving, but he eventually made it to his destination and continued his stream.

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