Internet freaked out by Halloween Fanta that turns tongues black

Josh Taylor
Fanta HalloweenFanta

Fanta’s brand-new Halloween drink is taking the internet by storm after fans have been trying to guess the mysterious flavour, while their tongues turn black.

Drink products have been going viral all over socials in 2023, created by heavily promoted campaigns and unique features. From Mcdonald’s infamous Grimace shake to KSI and Logan Paul’s PRIME drink, companies have been ingeniously creating TikTok trends galore.

PRIME released a brand new Glowberry flavor in August 2023. The drink shortly went viral due to it featuring a glow in the dark bottle, as brands have tried to set themselves up to capitalize even further on the upcoming Halloween festivities.

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Fanta has revealed they are joining in the fun too as they have announced they are returning with their #WhatTheFanta campaign for their second year. It was officially teased on their website that they have “got a spooky new mystery flavor that’s hauntingly delicious.”

However, not only is the flavor a mystery, it has been stated there is also a ”terrifying twist” which has been taking over the internet.

Fanta’s Halloween drink goes viral by turning tongues black

The limited edition drink has been shocking customers after their tongues have been turning black for a short period of time after consumption.

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On TikTok alone, the trend has already amassed over 100 million views, as a wave of fans across social media try to work out the flavor as they watch their tongues instantly change to black.

Across Twitter/X opinions have been divided, with some people loving the flavor and others not so much.

“Fanta halloween edition goes hard,” one said.

“I can’t decide if i like the Halloween Fanta or not,” another said.

“I got the halloween fanta !! it was kinda disappointing ngl,” a user said.

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The Halloween-themed Fanta is available in the United States and Canada in bottles, as well as in Coca‑Cola Freestyle machines and in frozen dispensers at select locations. 

A Mcdonalds worker has also gone viral after she has explained why she has been ignoring drive-thru customers.

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