What is the Grimace Shake trend on TikTok?

Connor Bennett
TikTokers in black shirts holding grimace drink from McDonaldsTikTok

The Grimace Shake has been going viral with a few different trends on TikTok after McDonald’s reintroduced the colorful drink. Here’s what you need to know about the grimace shake trend.

Food – whether it be cooking, fast food deliveries, or secret menu tricks at restaurants – has always been one of TikTok’s most popular genres. There are handfuls of videos going viral every single day. 

In the last few days, one of the most popular food-inspired trends has come from McDonalds. The fast food giant introduced its Grimace Birthday meal in mid-June, celebrating the 52nd birthday of the popular purple character. 

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Naturally, the internet ran wild with it. Just like many other limited-time offerings from the golden arches, it became the subject of a number of memes. Some fans were even going into McDonalds restaurants covered in purple paint pretending to be Grimace. Yes, seriously.

What is the Grimace Shake on TikTok?

Well, things have taken another interesting turn as the drink keeps going viral on TikTok. And sure, some fans are still going into stores cosplaying as Grimace, but there are also a few spin-off trends.

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That includes one where TikTokers take a sip of their Grimace Shake and then find themselves on the floor. Typically, they’re surrounded by a crime scene, as if the drink has poisoned them. 

Naturally, this has spawned other jokes, with some calling it a “Grime Scene” and calling Grimace a “Griminal” for what he’s done. Shouldn’t take too long to figure those out. 

There are also other memes where, instead of being posioned, the TikTokers make it seem like they’ve been taken over by Grimace. Others have given the drink a bad review and then been ‘poisoned’ too, a spin-off of the original. 

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McDonalds responds to Grimace Shake trend

The trend has become so infamous, that McDonalds were compelled to issue a response. However, they kept it short and sweet, in a Twitter post on June 27.

“meee pretending i don’t see the grimace shake trendd.” They also updated their profile picture to match, and changed their bio to, “this is grimace btw :)”

As noted, the shake is only available for a limited time, so the videos will slowly come to an end before long.

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