ICE Poseidon says big investors in his CXCoin coin were “idiots” amid scam allegations

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Banned Twitch streamer Paul ‘Ice Poseidon’ Denino called big backers of his cryptocurrency, CXCoin, “idiots” amid allegations he rug pulled the coin for $500,000.

Back on January 31, former streamer ICE Poseidon announced he planned to keep the $500,000 he’d made through his abandoned cryptocurrency, ‘CXCoin.’

At the time, he had zero intention of giving back any of the money and said, “Yeah, I could give the money back. It is within my power. But I’m going to look after myself and not do that.”

Now, the exiled streamer has insulted the people who threw massive amounts of cash behind the dead project.

Ice Poseidon interview in front of SWAT team
ICE Poseidon has been banned from Twitch since 2017.

ICE Poseidon calls CXCoin investors “idiots”

Denino addressed the CXCoin controversy for the first time since February – this time taking demanding investors to take responsibility for their investments after losing tons.

Poseidon spoke with Dexerto about those who lost money on the coin and seemingly absolved himself of wrongdoing.

The 27-year-old said: “What are you, their f**king dad? You’re a streamer. You’re not their dad. If somebody wants to gamble their life savings away like an idiot, then they’re gonna learn the hard way. They have to take some responsibility eventually.”

He finished his thoughts on the alleged scam, saying, “It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there.”

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Although ICE previously said he wouldn’t pay back any of the money he made from the failed crypto project, he’s since pledged to pay back $150,000 of investor money.

As of now, only $40,000 of that amount has been refunded so far.

It’s unclear as of now if the banned streamer has plans to pay the rest of the amount owed to investors.

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