ICE Poseidon’s Rise and Fall as the Most EXTREME Livestreamer

ice poseidon puppet

In IRL livestreaming, there is one name that will always be remembered – but not always for the right reasons. ICE_POSEIDON and his ‘Cx’ crew were responsible for some of the most outrageous and memorable moments caught on stream, and began a wave a IRL imitators.

Years on from the height of his controversy, Dexerto Originals caught up with ICE, to explain his side of the story, how he cultivated such a cult-like following, and where he’s at in life now.

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Although he’s made attempts to return to Twitch, he remains permanently banned from the platform – something he discusses at length, as well as the fateful day the ban struck.

ICE also details his thoughts on the media and how he has been covered, his constant terror from swattings, and his more recent controversies involving crypto ventures.

Check out the full documentary of ICE_POSEIDON on the Dexerto Originals YouTube channel.

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