Logan Paul under fire as CryptoZoo victims reportedly offered 10% compensation

Meera Jacka
Logan Paul under fire as CryptoZoo victims reportedly offered 10% compensation

Logan Paul is facing backlash after allegedly offering the victims of his cryptocurrency project, CryptoZoo, 5–10% of their losses.

At the start of 2023, YouTube investigator ‘Coffeezilla‘ released a video claiming Logan Paul’s cryptocurrency-based blockchain project, CryptoZoo, was his “biggest scam.”

As a result, Paul promised to spend $1.8 million out of his own pocket refunding investors. Nine months later, however, those who requested a refund are still waiting for their money to be returned.

Now, YouTuber ‘Kavos‘ has taken to Twitter to give an alleged update on the situation and apparently, the long wait on refunds is because Paul’s “best offer was 5–10% of the losses suffered.”

Kavos claimed he had acquired the information from “reliable sources”, calling Paul’s offer an “absolute disgrace”.

“So when you hear Logan saying he’s trying to ‘rectify’ the situation. He’s really trying to get away with it for as little as possible,” Kavos wrote. “Before this ‘offer’, Logan and his team tried to get the case dismissed. There is absolutely no accountability or sympathy for his actions.”

Many were outraged and perplexed by Paul’s alleged “offer”, with one person writing; “It makes no sense, Logan makes way more money than these crypto scams ever gain him. Maybe he just hates his fans and wants to screw them over, that’s the only logical reason.”

However, some wanted to see Kavos’ “reliable sources” before making a judgment, and others stated the victims had dug their own graves; “The loss of money is on the people who fell for it.”

Paul has not yet responded to these latest allegations, however, in late September, he stated that his silence was due to the “legal position” he was in.

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