TikToker catches DoorDash driver faking drop off picture and stealing her food

DoorDash food stolenPexels

A TikToker was shocked after she caught her DoorDash driver leaving a fake drop-off photo before stealing her food.

Look, we’ve all been there. You just got home after a night out on the town and are intensely hungry at nearly two in the morning. However, there’s just one problem — you don’t really want to cook.

In response to that, you decide to boot up the ol’ DoorDash or Uber Eats app on your phone and get yourself some much-needed Taco Bell. After all, who doesn’t want to reward themselves for a job well done?

Well, if you’re this TikToker, you may have experienced the possible worst-case scenario… the driver steals your food.

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DoorDash App phoneUnsplash
Alongside Uber Eats, DoorDash is one of the go-to food delivery apps for late-night meals.

TikToker catches Doordash driver stealing her Taco Bell order

Taking her turn in ordering a late-night meal, a TikTok user by the name of bela.bands was wondering where her food went. So she decided to take a peek at her security footage, finding that her food had been stolen.

The TikToker caught the DoorDash driver red-handed, noticing that not only did the Dasher steal her food — she also faked the required delivery drop-off picture in the process.

This Taco Bell thievery didn’t go unnoticed, as even though other TikTok users felt her pain, with one writing: “She looked right in the camera, too.” Others tagged the official DoorDash TikTok account, gaining a response from the company.

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“We won’t let them get away with this!” the official DoorDash TikTok account wrote.

Bela.bands added in the comments that she did try to chase after the DoorDash desperado, but was met with no response, stating, “I literally chased her down and she drove right past me like I was a ghost.”