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Hootie Hurley slammed over Vanessa Merrell TikTok by Corinna Kopf & more

Published: 10/Nov/2020 15:58

by Alice Hearing


YouTubers Corinna Kopf and Alex Wassabi have hit out at TikToker Hootie Hurley for publicly exposing his private relationship with Vanessa Merrell without her consent.

Popular TikToker Hootie, posted a video on Monday revealing that he had been in a relationship with YouTuber and actress Vanessa Merrell, whose fame stems from her channel with her twin Veronica.

Hootie used a popular audio clip from Larray’s diss track ‘canceled,’ with the lyrics “I thought a b*tch who lost the baddest b*tch said sum.” The clip has been trending among influencers on TikTok and is typically used to refer to breakups.


Hootie appeared to imply that he misses Vanessa and that he wants her back, but in the process revealed that they had a relationship, to begin with.

Vanessa Merrell Veronica Merrell
Instagram: Vanessa Merrell
The Merrell Twins like to keep their personal lives private

The Merell Twins typically keep their personal lives private, which is why Hootie’s video shocked and outraged fans. One person on TikTok wrote, “Every single Merrell Twin fan knows how much the girls value their privacy and the fact that he just posts this without her consent is infuriating.”

@hootiehurleyMiss u @vanessamerrell♬ original sound – hello???

Another person wrote “I’m pretty positive Vanessa did not consent to this. She never told us about your relationship so this should be kept private and not be used for clout.”


Fans weren’t the only ones outraged by the video. Youtuber Corinna Kopf hit out at Hootie on Twitter saying, “What in your right mind makes you think it’s okay to post videos to the internet from a past relationship that you never got consent to post. imagine not respecting a woman’s privacy just so you can get a few likes on TikTok.”

She went on to say “Not only that, you’ve been asked by multiple people to take down the video and still choose not to. you’re complete trash my guy. not to mention you’re too scared to even pick up my calls.”


YouTuber Alex Wassabi also hit out at Hootie for the video, tweeting “thought you were better than this @HootieHurley. looking desperate bro smh.” But Hootie seems to have no shame, having only responded “Bro I just miss her so much.”

As outrage still bubbles away across Twitter and TikTok, Hootie refuses to both take down the video. Meanwhile, Vanessa herself is yet to comment.