Viral Car Cult TikTok trend: Why are people changing their PFP?

Dylan Horetski
car cult tiktok
TikTok: @.cxrhub

Yet another TikTok ‘cult’ has started to take over the platform, with car enthusiasts changing their profile pictures to join what they call the car cult TikTok trend.

As TikTok’s userbase has grown into what it is today, the content on the platform has continued to provide a variety of different topics. If you take a scroll through your For You Page, you could be met with anything from Noodle the Pug to a Canadian man eating food and doing a little dance.

The platform is full of absolutely bizarre trends, and perhaps one of the most viral trends on TikTok is the idea of ‘cults.’ We’ve seen variations of this trend where people change their profile pictures to a hamster, singer Lana Del Ray, and most recently Ghostface from the horror movie, Scream.

Signifying an attempt to counteract the ongoing Scream cult, the car cult has car enthusiasts all over the platform changing their profile picture to a child looking through a window at a car, created to express the creator’s long-term love for all things car-related.

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Car Cult TikTok PFP

If you’re looking to participate in the cult, it’s not too overly complicated of a process.

All you have to do is change your profile picture to one of the images provided by many of the members of the cult.

You could even customize it with your own car or change how the child looks outside of the window.

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After you change your profile picture, all you have to do is follow any account you see with a similar PFP. As you start to follow more people, you’ll start to receive followers back.

It appears TikTok’s ‘cult’ trend isn’t going away anytime soon, and many people are wondering what the next big profile picture will be.