Hololive Council celebrate first anniversary with mega stream, new song Rise

Andrew Amos
Hololive Council first anniversary photo from Rise music video

Hololive Council celebrated their first anniversary with a mega celebration stream reflecting on the year that was, along with debuting a new song Rise. The quartet did so without Tsukumo Sana, who graduated last month, but they will “always be five”.

It’s been a great year for Hololive Council, even if it’s hard to believe the second generation Hololive EN wave debuted 12 months ago

The quintet ⁠— now quartet, after the graduation of Tsukumo Sana at the end of July ⁠— have truly made a name for themselves in the VTuber community, slotting right into the chaotic realm of Hololive with grace.

After they pulled forward festivities with Sana just before her graduation, the remaining four celebrated the one-year anniversary properly on August 22.

They did so with all the usual trimmings of an anniversary stream, reminiscing on everything from their debut to their first impressions while in a hot tub, playing some games in their BEEGsmol 3D models, and topping things off with a concert.

They laughed over some of the greatest memories: “Do you guys remember that we didn’t even get to debut on our debut day,” Nanashi Mumei mused. “I remember being kind of relieved about it though ⁠— technical issues, thank you.

“Do you remember the days before debut where we’d sit in VC [voice chat] every night and talk, chill, play games and stuff,” Hakos Baelz added.

However, there was a definite undercut to the celebrations given the void left by Sana. All four were appreciative of all the work the Speaker of Space did for the Council ⁠— including designing the 1st-anniversary merch plushies.

So there was no better way to cap off the celebrations than a heartfelt rendition of her solo song Astrogirl.

“Council will always be five people,” Bae said. “Sana, if you’re watching, we love you ⁠— and congrats on one year. We didn’t tell her we were doing this!”

Well, there was one better way: Hololive Council had one last collab put together with their first group song, Rise. It debuted during the anniversary stream with all five members singing along, with a couple of tears, about all the work they have put in in the last year.

However with millions of fans by their side, the group is walking into their next year with plenty of hope and optimism: “Without you this wouldn’t be possible,” Ceres Fauna closed with.