Hololive Council celebrate first anniversary early before Tsukumo Sana graduation

hololive council on stage in beegsmol modelsYouTube: Nanashi Mumei

With Hololive Council member Tsukumo Sana graduating just before the VTuber group’s first anniversary, the quintet (plus IRyS) brought forward their first anniversary stream with the now-iconic chibi “BEEGsmol” models to celebrate with the outgoing star.

Tsukumo Sana might be graduating from Hololive just weeks ahead of Council’s one year anniversary, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have an early celebration to send off their friend.

The quintet of Hololive Council, plus honorary member IRyS from Project HOPE, debuted their “BEEGsmol” models early ⁠— ahead of their proper anniversary in August ⁠— so their outgoing guardian of the universe could join in on the fun.

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The six of them ran around in the chibified world holding a mock Council meeting, solving a murder mystery, playing some basketball, and checking out some statues ⁠— including a golden Yagoo face.

The models were all designed by Sana herself as a gift to her genmates before her exit. “I’m very happy that we could have not just a member design them, but Sana so that forever when we enter this place and we look at each other, we see Sana always,” Mumei stated.

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The one-hour stream rounded out with the six of them on stage singing Secret Base, the ending of Anohana. There were plenty of tears as Council gave Sana one last send-off before her July 31 graduation. The star will not be streaming until that broadcast.

“I love you all, thank you so much guys,” Sana said through tears. “Every single one of you are so special. The way you make everyone so happy and you bring so much fun to everyone, you’re so special. Please keep doing what you’re doing.”

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“I’m glad it was you who was Sana. We know you’re going to do great things,” Ouro Kronii replied.

The group took one last photo on stage in their models, before Mumei echoed the sentiments of earlier of what Sana meant to Council.

“Thank you for everything. Even beyond smols, you’ve done a lot for us. I’m glad for the time we had together and we’ll still talk. 

“Even if Sana has graduated, she will still be with us. Her room, everything here, it’s all going to stay. Everything will always be here. Every time we look at each other we see Sana because Sana designed us.”

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