Hasbulla allegedly signs UFC contract and locks in MMA debut with leading promotion

Hasbulla holding UFC beltInstagram: hasbulla.hushetskiy

Internet sensation Hasbulla can supposedly now be labeled a UFC fighter as he’s allegedly signed an official bout agreement with the leading MMA promotion, teasing further details on his debut to come later this year.

When it comes to Hasbulla, there’s often no telling what’s true and what’s part of a giant troll. The social media star loves to bait his community and lead fans astray. With that in mind, it’s worth taking his latest announcement with an appropriate grain of salt.

“I have officially signed a deal to fight in the UFC!” Hasbulla claimed in an October 13 Instagram post. “Details will be revealed by the end of the year,” he added.

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While ‘negotiations’ have supposedly been taking place throughout the year, it never appeared certain the 19-year-old viral content machine would actually strike a deal. Given his obvious lack of fighting experience, along with the simple fact the UFC’s smallest male weight class is Flyweight at 124lbs, a scrap in the octagon would go against rules established by most combat sports commissions.

If Hasbulla’s words can be taken at face value, his potential fight would need to be at a catchweight with a similarly sized opponent. Though given Dana White’s outspoken stance on celebrity fights, it seems unlikely he’d change tune overnight to give Hasbulla a real bout.

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It’s entirely plausible this announcement is nothing more than a promotion for his ‘Hasbulla fight kit,’ with no real bout agreement in place of yet. After all, we know for certain Hasbulla did indeed sign a five-year deal with the UFC back in September, but not to compete. Rather, his exclusive deal was to promote upcoming events instead. This new Instagram post could just be his cheeky way of getting more eyes on the UFC brand and selling some merchandise in the process.

For now, we’ll simply have to wait and see what Hasbulla and the UFC have in store. Though with the five-year promotional deal in place, it’s likely this tease is just the start of what’s to come, so expect plenty more trolls on social media in the weeks to come.

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