Hasbulla is in talks with Dana White over shock UFC fight

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Internet star Hasbulla has revealed that he’s in talks with UFC president Dana White to set up a potential fight sometime in the future.

Hasbulla Magomedov is the popularly titled “mini Khabib” who’s taken over the internet over the past few years.

The Russian internet star, best known on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, is a viral part of his country’s combat sports scene, often seen performing dangerous stunts and staring down opponents twice his size.

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Hasbulla has become a bit of an icon in the Russian MMA community and has rubbed shoulders with quite a few top names — and apparently, the UFC’s Dana White is among them.

hasbulla-instaInstagram: hasbulla_
Hasbulla has taken over the internet and is a viral part of Russian’s MMA scene.

Hasbulla revealed this fact during an interview with YouTube boxer Joe Weller on the WAFFLIN’ Podcast, after being asked who the most famous person in his contacts was.

Weller couldn’t believe what he was hearing when Magomedov gave his answer (“Dana White, probably”), and asked if there’s a possibility of a UFC fight in his future.

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Hasbulla’s partner answered that, while White wants to make it happen, they’re “not sure” that it’ll happen “anytime soon.”

“We welcome it,” he made sure to say, before Hasbulla joked that he’d like to have “WWE match” against Joe Weller someday.

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This news doesn’t come as a huge surprise, though, considering that Hasbulla publicly called out Dana White in November 2021 and even met up with the prez at UFC 267 a month prior.

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If it happens, this would certainly make for one of the most interesting bouts in the history of the company. 18-year-old Hasbulla stands at 3’3″ and is said to have a condition called Growth Hormone deficiency, causing his small stature.

Despite his size, Hasbulla has made no bones about calling out larger opponents, as seen in his viral interaction with Logan Paul just last month when he called out the YouTuber for a fight.


It’s unclear who White would pit against Hasbulla if a fight ever does happen; previously, Magomedov was feuding with Russian entertainer Abdu Rozik, but a bout between the two never came about, with the Russian Dwarf Athletic Association calling the proposed fight “unethical.”

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