Hasan rips into Twitch viewer accusing Pokimane of blackface over natural hair

Hasan rips into Twitch viewer accusing Pokimane of blackface natural curlsTwitter: pokimane / Twitch: HasanAbi

Popular Twitch streamer Hasan ripped into one of his viewers after they accused fellow broadcaster Pokimane of blackface after she revealed her naturally curly hair.

On November 9, 2021, Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys began her stream by unveiling her natural curls to her 8 million followers.

The broadcaster has often straightened her hair throughout her career, with most viewers unaware of her hair’s naturally curly state until the streamer decided to publicly go natural after years of being “insecure” about it.

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While Pokimane’s viewers and friends were incredibly supportive of the broadcaster, one netizen expressed doubts about Imane’s intentions, and expressed their thoughts during fellow Twitch streamer Hasan’s December 7 broadcast.

Hasan slams Twitch viewer accusing Pokimane of “blackface”

Hasan was watching Pokimane’s stream when he read a comment from his chat aloud: “Why is Poki blackfacing?”

“Are you f**king insane?” Hasan shot back, clearly dumbfounded. “That’s her natural hair, dude. What the f**k? Guys, she’s literally Moroccan. Are you f**king stupid? She’s literally from Africa, bro!”

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“That doesn’t mean she’s Black, but that is her natural f**king hair, you pyscho!” he continued, lashing out at the commenter. “What a psychotic f**king take, dude!”

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Pokimane reacts to Twitch viewer accusing her of blackface over natural hair

Pokimane has since responded to the accusation. During a December 8 broadcast, she pulled up the clip of Hasan’s popoff and gave a hearty chuckle at his ensuing tirade.

“That’s true, I was born there,” she said after Hasan reminded viewers that she is Moroccan, before saying the “funniest part” of Hasan’s reaction was him saying: “There’s no shot a Black person said this.”

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Despite the viewer’s apparent disbelief, Pokimane did note that her curls are, indeed, natural, and that she had a hard time styling her hair growing up.

“My mom’s hair is not like mine,” she explained in her hair reveal stream. “And because we immigrated to Canada, and we grew up there, and I had no other family around me, my mom didn’t know how to teach me to do my curly hair, which isn’t her fault.”

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“I didn’t look like the girls around me,” the Twitch streamer added, “and I didn’t know how the f**k to style my hair!”

Despite the commenter’s sentiment, Pokimane received an outpouring of love after showing off her natural curls to the world and continues to see support from friends and fans in spite of her past “insecurities” over her hair.

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