Hasan shuts down Kick streamer threatening to “kill” him over Adin Ross drama

Connor Bennett
Hasan side-by-side with Cuffem posing outside

Twitch star Hasan Piker responded to Kick streamer Cuffem threatening to “kill” him over copyright drama with Adin Ross in a completely unbothered fashion as he shut down any worries.

Over the last few months, Hasan has gone back and forth with Adin Ross on a number of different topics, including Adin’s connection to Andrew Tate, but it has significantly ramped up recently. 

Adin had been filing false copyright strikes against different creators on YouTube, which Hasan labeled as a “new level of stupidity” given Adin’s celebrations about getting the content flagged. 

Kick streamer Cuffem also bizarrely joined the drama after Hasan’s response, threatening to “kill” the Twitch star. Though, it doesn’t appear as if Hasan will be hiring a bodyguard anytime soon.

Hasan addresses Kick streamer threat to ‘kill’ him over Adin Ross drama

The political streamer was made aware of the threat during his May 2 stream, and promptly watched it with his fans.

Though, he was completely unfazed by the nature of the threat. “This is hilarious,” Hasan said before cracking up laughing at the threatening clip. “That’s awesome dude, that’s so stupid. I don’t even know who this motherf*cker is dude, what the f*ck?”

Hasan’s viewers quickly set about mocking Cuffem’s video, which made the streamer laugh even more, as he remained unbothered by it all. 

He did state that he’s hardly going to waste time on suing the Kick streamer after one Twitter reply indicated that he could go down that route. “For the record, I’m not going to sue this person or whatever,” Hasan added. 

Given that Hasan and Adin have been beefing for a while, it probably won’t be long before something else pops up that causes them to clash again.

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