H3H3’s Ethan Klein slams RiceGum for insulting his wife

. 3 years ago
H3H3, RiceGum - YouTube

Ethan Klein, of YouTube comedy duo H3H3, is taking shots at social media star Bryan ‘RiceGum’ Le for insulting his wife, Hila, during a response video in early January.

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RiceGum claimed that Klein’s depression stemmed from Hila’s “boring” disposition, calling her “wack” and recommending that Klein pay to surround himself with a troop of “high energy girls.”

Klein shot back at RiceGum’s comments in kind, giving him the nickname “Rice Gumby” in honor of the children’s cartoon character from the 1950s. He went on to call Hila his “beautiful, pregnant wife,” and claimed that she was the reason that “anything good has happened” in his life.

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That wasn’t all; Klein went on to write a short diss track calling out the YouTuber, reminding Le that Hila is a “self-made millionaire” who served in Israel’s armed forces for two years. 

He went on to show footage of Le’s appearance on Logan Paul’s ‘imPaulsive’ podcast, where he claimed that he “got the bag” despite feeling remorse surrounding his involvement with a possible gambling and scam website (which allegedly paid the YouTuber over $100,000 for promoting its services) .

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“Yeah, but she got the bag without selling her soul,” Klein said of the debacle. “…you chase clout to fill a hole in your soul.”

The beef between the two YouTubers began after Klein called out RiceGum for promoting MysterBrand.net, an alleged scam website that appeared to promote gambling to Le’s young audience.

RiceGum has yet to reply to Klein’s video as of January 20.

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