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KSI asks fans for help after police allegedly steal Deji’s dog

Published: 20/Jan/2019 20:18 Updated: 22/Jan/2019 1:15

by Virginia Glaze


Popular YouTuber Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji is asking fans to sign a petition for the return of younger brother Deji’s dog, after the animal was allegedly stolen by police in September of 2018.

According to statements made by Deji throughout his several YouTube videos on the subject, his German Shepard, Tank, was taken by police after his neighbor swatted the animal with a package left on their front stoop.

Statements from Deji’s neighbors and local law enforcement collected by The Blast held that Tank had been detained under the “Dangerous Dogs Act of 1991,” due to two separate incidents that resulted in injury to “members of the public” – one of which was deemed “serious.”

However, Deji claimed that Tank had merely nipped his neighbor, after which the dog was taken to a “police-approved kennel.” Deji claimed that Tank was being trained as a K-9 unit, which authorities denied.

Thus far, it appears that Tank remains in police custody, until a charging decision can be made regarding the incident.

While Deji created a petition for Tank’s retrieval in mid-September 2018, the dog has yet to be returned to the YouTuber – prompting his older brother, KSI, to step in and speak out on the matter. KSI posted a Tweet imploring his fans to sign the appeal on January 20, claiming that Tank had been stolen by law enforcement.

As of January 20, the petition has over 410,000 of the necessary 500,000 signatures needed – a huge jump compared to the document’s previous 300,000 signatures following Deji’s initial videos covering the debacle.

KSI’s latest Tweet follows the end of a vicious, month long spat between the two brothers, which ended after Deji deleted a diss track towards KSI in early January.


PewDiePie hits out at “unfunny” simp comments on Marzia’s Instagram

Published: 30/Nov/2020 21:14

by Brent Koepp


Popular YouTuber Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg criticized viewers who flood his wife Marzia’s Instagram account every time he makes a comment on it to support her. The Swede hit out at the “simp” meme becoming overused.

With over 108 millions subscribers to his channel in 2020, PewDiePie is not only one of the platform’s biggest creators, but undoubtedly one of the most popular entertainers in the world.

The YouTuber has also become an icon when it comes to internet humor. In November, the star called out viewers overusing the popular “simp” meme every time he supports his wife Marzia, and explained why he’s tired of reading it.

Screenshot of YouTuber PewDiePie reacting to Instagram comments.
YouTube: PewDiePie
The Swedish YouTuber reacted to Instagram comments calling him a simp.

PewDiePie hits out at “simp” comments flooding Marzia’s Instagram

While the modern use of “simp” goes back as far as the 1980s, the term has exploded in popularity in 2020, becoming one of the year’s biggest memes. However, during his November 27 upload, PewDiePie explained why it’s starting to become too much on Instagram.

“Instagram is even worse. I commented on Marzia’s post, and I swear to God every single comment… She painted the kitchen and I said “you did so good” because I know she worked hard on it. And it’s just “simp, simp, simp king” every single comment. It is so unfunny. Jesus Christ, dude!” the YouTuber exclaimed.

The star then went on to mock the way memes become tired quickly due to users jumping on the bandwagon and spamming it relentlessly online in comments. “Maybe if everyone says a joke, it becomes funnier,” he said sarcastically.

(Topic starts at 11:45)

Hilariously, the star had a follow-up to the situation on November 30 when one fan pointed out that they actually had made a nice comment on Marzia’s Instagram post. “Me understanding that he just wants to be a good husband,” they wrote days prior. PewDiePie then apologized to the viewer. “I’m sorry tg_man 12. I did you dirty, I did you dirty,” he laughed.

(Topic starts at 15:18)

While the content creator has made several videos on the simp meme, he has been critical of how its been used in the past and mocked users for their broad use of it. Now it appears the joke is starting to overstay its welcome with how often it’s being repeated.

The 31-year-old has had an incredible year so far, making a successful move to streaming after signing a major deal with YouTube in May to broadcast live exclusively on their platform. The entertainer also surpassed over 108 million subscribers in November, making him the most followed individual on the platform.