Logan Paul defends “going gay” controversy in heated discussion with LBGTQ activist

Virginia Glaze

Controversial YouTuber Logan Paul has opened up about the outrage surrounding one of his New Year’s resolutions – specifically, what he called ‘Male Only March,’ where he claimed he would “go gay” for the month.

Paul’s statement was met with incredulity across the internet, with LGBTQ+ activists speaking out against the YouTuber for what was widely deemed an insensitive joke.

After claiming that the statement was a “very poor choice of words” in a Tweet following the backlash, Paul has since spoken further on the topic, releasing a clip from an upcoming episode of his ‘imPaulsive’ podcast where he spoke with Air Force veteran and LGBTQ+ activist Josh Seefried (who previously called out Paul for his resolution in a scathing Tweet).

The 26th episode of the imPaulsive podcast was published on January 21, and immediately took a serious tone with Seefried and Logan discussing whether what he said was a joke, or whether it was actually intended.

Seefried commented on how frightening it could be for Paul to open up about exploring his sexuality as a major internet personality – to which Paul had an unexpected response.

“It’s not even scary to me,” Paul answered. “Sexuality is so fluid nowadays, I don’t even think twice about talking about being gay. I don’t give a shit. …being gay is cool to me.”

Paul went on to call those who are open with their sexuality “courageous” and “noble,” stating that “there is nothing more beautiful than being yourself.”

Despite being pressed on the subject, Logan didn’t reveal whether he would be experimenting in March, and instead attempted to highlight a comment that Joe Rogan made on his podcast about women turning lesbian because of trump, to which Seefried told him to stop trying to deflect it.

The pair continued their discussion and appeared to make friends by the end, however, it’s one of the first times during the imPaulsive podcast series that Logan has been challenged by a guest.

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