H3H3 roasts Logan Paul’s definition of sociopaths in response video to Shane Dawson

During their H3 Podcast, YouTube duo Ethan and Hila ‘H3H3’ Klein mocked Logan Paul’s definition of sociopathy in his response video to Shane Dawson’s docuseries.

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While Logan’s video sought to clear the air about what a sociopath really was, he went on to say that a sociopath is, “someone who is just more savage than everyone else” – which garnered him ample criticism from H3H3.

“That’s it,” Ethan responded. “That’s pretty much the clinical definition of sociopaths: Somebody who is more savage than everybody else.”

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He then went on to say that he had trouble with Paul’s description, as it made sociopathy seem ‘cool’ in regards to his fanbase.

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“It’s almost making it cool for his fans,” Hila commented.

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The two went on to comment on Dawson’s treatment of the word in his docuseries over Jake Paul, citing his synonymous use of the terms ‘psychopath’ and ‘sociopath.’ Ethan likewise took issue with Dawson’s bringing therapist Kati Morton into the Paul home as an undercover agent, as teased at the end of the series’ fourth episode.

“That seems kind of unethical,” he said. “The whole thing is making me uncomfortable, honestly.”

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The duo didn’t understand the need for Dawson’s dramatic and ‘horror film-esque’ angle for the series, either, and felt that a ‘genuine look’ into Jake’s life would have been enough to satiate audiences.

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Ethan commented on Jake Paul in a previous episode of the podcast, as well, where he related a conversation he had with the YouTuber that revealed his toxic relationship with brother Logan Paul.

While Dawson’s series has been at the center of ample controversy, its next episode promises to be juicier than ever before.