RiceGum lashes out at YouTube after yet another video takedown

Popular YouTuber Bryan ‘RiceGum’ Le continues to have beef with YouTube, after yet another video of his was removed from the platform.

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RiceGum’s latest video, which he stated was uploaded after nearly a month of inactivity, was taken down by YouTube for apparently violating its terms of service.

RiceGum posted a screenshot of YouTube’s email over the matter, and admitted that his upload schedule was sparse due to this very problem.

“The reason I hardly ever upload is because every video I make seems to always get restricted or monetized,” he explained in a now-deleted Tweet. “YouTube hates me.”

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The Team YouTube Twitter account responded to RiceGum’s frustrations and admitted that the error had been on their side, going on to re-upload the video to his channel.

However, that wasn’t the end of it – the video was taken down a second time, much to Team YouTube’s apparent surprise.

“Whatttt, yes checking!” they replied.

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In a third response, Team YouTube revealed the problem to be a “technical issue,” and are currently investigating the occurrence.

RiceGum’s video has yet to be uploaded a third time, and he has posted no further updates on the matter to his Twitter account.

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His complaints are a small drop in the slew of issues YouTubers have taken up with the platform. Other large-scale creators like Philip DeFranco have similarly addressed the problem, with an array of his uploads having been both suppressed and demonetized.

However, this isn’t just a problem for popular YouTubers – small-time creators are likewise harmed by YouTube’s algorithm, and the issue is one that continues to be addressed as more and more creators come forward about the dilemma.