H3h3 shares the craziest theory behind Belle Delphine’s ‘disappearance’

YouTube: the h3 podcast / Instagram: Belle Delphine

During the October 4 episode of the ‘h3 podcast’ hosted by h3h3’s Ethan Klein, the YouTube comedian shared his crazy theory about why Belle Delphine has disappeared from social media following her ban on Instagram in July.

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Belle Delphine set the internet on fire when she revealed on her Instagram on July 1 that she was selling her own bath water for $30 called “Gamer Girl Bath Water”. Shocking many, the product sold out.

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However, the model’s Instagram was banned on July 17 after her account was reported by Reddit users for nudity and pornographic content. After announcing she would be taking a quick break, the internet-personality has been silent on social media since August, and h3h3 has a wild theory about what could have happened.

Instagram: Belle DelphineThe model has been media silent since August 5, leaving many to wonder where she went.
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H3h3’s crazy theory on Belle Delphine

During their latest podcast, host Ethan Klein updated his audience on Belle Delphine, as the model has previously been featured on the show when she sent them a sample of her own spit.

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“Belle Delphine has completely disappeared from the internet. After her Instagram page got banned on August 1, she has completely and totally disappeared. Even on Patreon, her followers have dwindled to half!” he exclaimed.

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The YouTube podcaster then pointed out that her official store was also offline. “Her real store is offline, which makes me wonder if she got into legal trouble. Because shipping bath water, I don’t think it’s legal.”

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Klein then proposed his theory that the model could be in serious legal trouble. “She hit the jackpot. She was everywhere. The Late Night guys, Howard Stern. It was the buzz everywhere. So all of a sudden the UK government was like “You’re selling WHAT in the Royal Mail?”

(Timestamp of 01:23:39 for mobile viewers.)

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Is Belle Delphine gearing up for a return?

While the model has been completely silent across social media, Klein also revealed that there has been talk among her Patreon supporters that she could be gearing up for a return, as his podcast had signed up for a membership.

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However, his Producer pointed out that there has been no solid evidence she actually messaged anyone, and it could just be trolling. The YouTube comedian stated he was going to try to contact her to try and find out what’s going on, and joked that he would totally buy her urine for $10k.

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As of the time of this article, Belle Delphine has still not posted on her social media since August, and has a lost a substantial amount of her Patreon followers.

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But as the h3 podcast pointed out, over 2,000 people are still paying for a subscription, so clearly she still has fans waiting for her return.