Gym bans OnlyFans model after catching her taking photos in changing rooms

Michael Gwilliam
Stephanie Harrison banned from gym for onlyfans

A gym has banned an OnlyFans model and axed her membership after she was caught filming content in the changing rooms.

OnlyFans models have been dealing with a lot of controversies lately when it comes to making content. From teachers being banned for making content at school to legal disputes with IHOP, there’s no shortage of drama.

The latest controversy comes in the form of Stephanie Harrison, who admitted to taking photos in the changing rooms, but not for OnlyFans.

According to the 31-year-old, she posted an image of herself in workout gear to Instagram, but because her account contained a link to her OF account, CrossFit Death or Glory had an issue.

OnlyFans model banned from gym after taking photo

Speaking with Daily Star, Harrison blasted the gym’s decision, calling it “utter discrimination.”

In WhatsApp messages, Harrison revealed that the gym’s owner sent her texts asking her to leave, stating that the photos she took had been posted to OnlyFans. When she asked for proof, the owners replied with a screenshot of her backup Instagram account.

Despite Stephanie being adamant that she did nothing wrong, she ultimately had no choice but to leave the gym and blocked the owner after asking for her termination in writing.

onlyfans model banned from gym
Stephanie Harrison got banned from the gym for taking a photo.

“CrossFit gyms are supposed to be a community – my job shouldn’t be questioned. There wasn’t even any link to the gym at all in that picture, and I don’t mention them in my stories. You can’t tell from the picture where it was taken,” she blasted.

“This was totally unexpected. It’s not like it was nude – I was in a sports bra,” the model added. “I’m being victimized. I deal with a lot of hate in my work. The stigma is still there, and for a reputable gym to do this is not on at all.”

That said, the gym owners wrote to Harrison that the decision “isn’t a personal attack on you or your profession” and even refunded the week remaining on her membership.

This latest controversy comes after another OnlyFans model claimed she was discriminated against when her son was suspended from school when her content was discovered.

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