Florida woman sues school after OnlyFans page gets her kicked off volunteer program

florida mom sues school over onlyfans contentInstagram/victoriasnooks

A Florida mom is suing her kids’ school district after she was booted from a volunteer program because of her OnlyFans content.

31-year-old Victoria ‘Snooks’ Triece is taking action against Orange County Public Schools in the form of a lawsuit after another parent outed her for having an OnlyFans account.

Back in 2021, Snooks was a volunteer for Sand Lake Elementary School’s ADDition volunteer program, but that didn’t last when the school was tipped off about her side hustle, which, as history shows, can be quite lucrative.

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Triece had volunteered for five years before Principal Kathleen Phillips kicked her out of the program after learning about the OnlyFans content.

A year later, Circuit Judge Paetra Brownlee sided with the school. According to The New York Post, the judge ruled that Triece “does not have an unequivocal legal right to participate,” but she isn’t backing down.

OnlyFans model sues school over volunteer program fiasco

In a new complaint, Triece and her team are alleging that images from her OnlyFans had “circulated … to OCPS staff and employees that were not in need of the information.”

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Triece’s attorney, Mark NeJame, defended his client, explaining that what does in her off-time isn’t “illegal” and school administrators had made a “horrific decision.”

Victoria Triece modelingInstagram/victoriasnooks
Victoria Triece’s OnlyFans got her removed from a school’s volunteer program.

Over the years, we’ve seen multiple instances of schools firing teachers for their OnlyFans content, but it’s wildly different when it happens with a volunteer.

During a news conference, the OnlyFans star said she was suing the schoolboard to prevent other parents from having to go through this same ordeal for what they do in their own time.

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“The main reason I’m doing this is not for myself. I can only imagine who’s been through this and couldn’t fight it and they’ve been told we don’t know how to fight this and how many people are to come that do the same exact thing I do,” she revealed.

Triece removed from school programInstagram/victoriasnooks
Triece was removed from the school program after the principal found out about her OnlyFans.

Triece and her attorney are letting a jury decide how much money she’d get in damages, but in 2021, they tried to get $1M.

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“We’re going to be seeking maximum damages and then allow a jury to determine what it costs somebody to be taken from their child, what it costs somebody not to be able to participate in their child’s lives, what it costs somebody to be having this publicly exposed,” NeJame explained.

Meanwhile, Triece has expressed interest in volunteering in her younger child’s class, but will do so virtually only.