Graham Stephan reveals boxing injuries following Creator Clash match against Michael Reeves

Dylan Horetski
Graham Stephan boxing creator clash michael reeves

YouTuber Graham Stephan revealed the injuries he received from his Creator Clash boxing debut during the latest episode of his podcast, The Iced Coffee Hour.

On May 14, 18 content creators got together for the latest influencer boxing event to raise money for a variety of charities. The Creator Clash was organized by popular YouTuber iDubbz who took a mixture of unconventional YouTubers and had them battle it out.

Among the creators was finance YouTuber Graham Stephan, who faced off against OfflineTV member and tech-focused creator Michael Reeves.

Reeves ended up winning the fight, and in the latest episode of The Iced Coffee Hour, Graham revealed the list of injuries he received during the event.

Graham Stephan boxing injuries

Graham Stephan reveals his injuries following Creator Clash

During the May 17 podcast episode, co-host Jack Selby asked Stephan to walk them through his injuries.

“It sucked. Initially, it was just a bloody nose. I didn’t bleed that much during, but when I got back to the locker room I guess it started up then?” he explained. “I also had a mild concussion and some swelling around the face.

“The hardest part for me has been my nose. The swelling is going down, but you can’t see it much [from the outside]. Inside my nose, if I put my finger [in my nostril] it gets cut off because it feels like there’s a balloon inside my nose.”

The Creator Clash event saw a wide variety of creators take home their first boxing trophy, including Twitch star JustaMinx and the hose of Epic Meal Time: Harley Morenstien.

It prompted other big-name creators to begin talking about another potential influencer boxing match — including Mizkif, Valkyrae, Alinity, and more.

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