Amouranth offers insane trade for JustaMinx’s Creator Clash boxing gloves and jill strap

Amouranth offers JustaMinx fight glovesInstagram/Amouranth/Twitter

Twitch streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa is looking to acquire JustaMinx’s bloody boxing gloves and jill strap from her Creator Clash fight against Yodeling Haley by making her one hell of a trade offer.

Like several other influencers at iDubbbz’s Creator Clash event, JustaMinx showed her boxing talent and emerged victorious in her debut match. The four-round affair ended via TKO, much to the delight of the sold out Yuengling Arena.

Unlike every other match, however, it has a special significance at the first-ever female influencer bout – something that could make the gloves worn during combat a bit prestigious.

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Potentially sensing a good payday, JustaMinx offered up her bloody gloves and even her jill strap to the highest bidder and fellow streamer Amouranth wasted no time in presenting her with an offer.

Amouranth wants to trade fart jars for JustaMinx boxing gloves

After JustaMinx announced she was selling the items, noting that the blood hadn’t been washed out, for the starting bid of $1, Amouranth sprung into action.

“Perhaps we can trade?” the hot tub streamer pondered. “How many jars do you want?”

The jars Siragusa is referring to are likely related to her $1,000 fart jar company ‘Cutie-Pa-TOOT-ies.’

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Amouranth sells fartsTwitter/Amouranth
Amouranth revealed her fart jars on February 28, 2022.

Back in February, Amouranth began selling jars of her farts for the unbelievable price of $1,000 along with cups of her hot tub water for a slightly more reasonable $200.

Although the Cutie-Pa-TOOT-ies website is no longer active, it seems like Amouranth might have some inventory left considering her offer.

So far, JustaMinx hasn’t responded to Amouranth’s proposal, but considering Siragusa has quite the bank account, if she really wants the items, she might want to consider making a cash offer instead.

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