MoistCr1tikal speaks out against Froggy Fresh’s ban from the Creator Clash

MoistCr1TiKal creator clashYouTube: penguinz0

Several prominent content creators have spoken out against the decision to remove Froggy Fresh from Creator Clash 2.0, after he was cut from a scheduled fight versus Chris Ray Gun.

On the official Creator Clash Twitter, the organization said that they had taken the decision because Froggy Fresh’s recent behavior did not align with the mission of making “an inclusive and fun environment for creators and fans while giving back to charity.”

But MoistCr1tikal was extremely critical of the decision, saying he was “really disappointed” that Froggy Fresh would no longer be participating.

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He said: “Kicking him for Twitter controversy after months of training is brutal. I don’t think any jokes he made were intended to be mean-spirited or sh*t on anyone. Hopefully they reconsider this decision.”

The decision came after a series of tweets that Froggy Fresh posted about another creator.

The Creator Clash post read: “There has been a change in the lineup and Froggy Fresh will no longer be fighting against Chris Ray Gun; we will announce his replacement in the coming days. With just 3 weeks left, the countdown to Creator Clash 2 has begun.

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What is Creator Clash?

Creator Clash is an influencer-boxing event coordinated by content creator iDubbbz that forwards all proceeds and purses to charities like the American Heart Association and the Alzheimer’s Association of America.

iDubbbz himself is part of the main event, with his fight with Alex Wassabi being the most anticipated match of the show.

The first Creator Clash saw creators such as Arin Hanson, Doctor Mike, JustaMinx, TheOdd1sOut, and many others duking it out in the ring. Creator Clash 2 planned more ambitious fights, bigger names and to double down on the spectacle.

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For more information about Creator Clash, check out our exclusive interview with iDubbz on why he chose Alex Wassabi as his opponent.