Froggy Fresh facing potential lawsuit after speaking out against Creator Clash 2

Froggy Fresh in a video posted to TwitterTwitter: Froggy Fresh

Froggy Fresh is facing a potential lawsuit after speaking out on his recent drop from Creator Clash 2, criticizing the organizers for poor communication and unclear violations. 

The second iteration of Creator Clash is starting up in just a few weeks as fans prepare to see some of their favorite content creators duke it out in the boxing ring. 

Creator Clash is an influencer-boxing event spearheaded by iDubbbz, with the goal of the event being to raise money for charities such as the American Heart Association and the Alzhiemer’s Association of America. 

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Big names such as JustaMinx, Arin Hanzon, and TheOdd1sOut have participated, with this year’s lineup becoming bigger than ever. 

However, a wrench has been thrown into the works. On March 26, the Creator Clash Twitter account announced it pulled Froggy Fresh from the event out of the blue. He was due to fight ChrisRayGun in the coming weeks, but they are now looking for a replacement. 

Why was Froggy Fresh dropped form Creator Clash 2?

And now on March 29, they provided additional information as to why they chose to drop him. They said in a statement, “Unfortunately, there were several violations made by Froggy Fresh during his tenure with Creator Clash this year.” 

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They claimed to have attempted to address the problems personally with Froggy Fresh, but were unsuccessful, ultimately dropping him from the event. 

Froggy Fresh immediately replied to the statement, saying, “Who tried to reach out to me several times, and what are the several violations?”

Froggy Fresh would go on to claim that iDubbz had asked him to stop making content with controversial figure Sam Hyde, a request he’d complied with since they asked. 

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Additionally, he claimed a member of staff, Justin Tracey, told him to keep all communication between the organizer and him in text or email for future evidence… only to never receive another text or email after that. 

Froggy Fresh also claimed that he was never given any notice of violations. He said, “I got one email minutes before [Creator Clash] went public about my termination. Justin Tracey called me while I was in Providence working with Sam. I asked that he could text or email me as I was busy training with Sam. He never texted or emailed.”

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Froggy Fresh faces a potential lawsuit after speaking out

After tweeting out his responses, he claimed he was threatened with a potential lawsuit by Creator Clash for speaking out, with the organization allegedly demanding $15k from Froggy Fresh for his training, equipment, and travel over the last five months. 

Muta Anas, better known as SomeOrdinaryGamers, offered to pay off Fresh Froggy’s legal fees in the event Creator Clash does sue him.

Muta said in his tweet, “Threatening litigation like this kinda worries me, but I hate it when smaller creators have to face any legal crap, it ruins lives.” He continues, “I’m down to cover it all, no need for GoFundMe’s. I just want this to be resolved, I want a successful event at the end of the day.”

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Neither Creator Clash nor iDubbbz have responded to Froggy Fresh’s litigation claims at the time of writing, but we’ll make sure to keep you updated right here on Dexerto.

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