Alinity accepts STPeach fight challenge after OTK teases boxing event

STPeach challenges Alinity to a fightInstagram/Alinity/STPeach/Pixabay

Twitch star Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon has accepted a fight offer from fellow streamer STPeach following the success of the Creator Clash boxing event.

The Creator Clash event saw multiple YouTubers duke it out. Headlined by Doctor Mike versus iDubbbz, the boxing spectacle was a huge success, selling out the Yuengling Arena in the process.

The popularity of the event has resulted in many other streamers looking to get in on the action including Valkyrae and Mizkif. Not to mention the gaming organization One True King that teased an event on Twitter.

After OTK asked which streamers would want to fight if they hosted their own boxing event, STPeach issued a challenge to Colombian-Canadian Alinity.

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alinityTwitch: Alinity
Alinity wants to enter the world of combat sports.

Alinity and STPeach want to fight and kiss at OTK boxing event

Shortly after OTK posted its question, STPeach replied saying that she would fight Alinity, but only if one condition was met.

“I’ll fight Alinity if I get to kiss her after,” Peach said, tagging her potential opponent on Twitter.

Alinity refused to back down from the challenge and accepted the terms and proceeded to emphasize her seriousness.

“But like, for real, let’s do it!” she added.

Sadly, STPeach didn’t have anything to add, but it seems like the two Twitch stars could very well be about to follow in the footsteps of JustaMinx and Yodeling Haley as more female creators get into the fight game.

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Of course, OTK hasn’t confirmed that it actually will be hosting its own boxing event, but even if it doesn’t, the two could potentially be on the card Creator Clash 2 in the future.

With so many streamers interested in fighting, however, it seems like we’re in for a long-awaited Twitch entry into the world of professional boxing.