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Girlfriend from viral ‘Couch Guy’ TikTok hits back at “horrible” cheating rumors

Published: 5/Oct/2021 20:31

by Virginia Glaze


The girlfriend behind the viral ‘Couch Guy’ TikTok video hit back at intense speculation that her boyfriend is cheating on her in a recent interview.

For those out of the loop, a single video has been taking over TikTok lately, and it’s got viewers across the platform dissecting it frame by frame to find evidence of purported infidelity.

The clip, which has now garnered over 52 million views, shows TikToker Lauren Zarras surprising her boyfriend at college — but his reaction isn’t what everyone thinks it should be, apparently.

The clip has undergone intense scrutiny from viewers, with many accusing the now-infamous ‘Couch Guy’ (real name Robbie) of cheating on his girlfriend. Viewers have pointed out such things in the video as an alleged hair tie on his wrist (seemingly taken from another woman), as well as a girl sitting on the sofa next to him purportedly handing him his cell phone.


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‘Couch Guy’ slams backlash over viral TikTok clip

Robbie himself has hit back at these rumors, claiming that the internet is “gaslighting” him and that his private life is being “scrutinized” by millions of internet strangers.

While girlfriend Lauren has also spoken out against the backlash online, she appeared on a podcast for an exclusive interview with Barstool Sports’ ‘Tea with Publyssity’ to set the record straight.

According to Lauren, she’s been receiving death threats over the video, calling the entire situation “horrible.”

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‘Couch Guy’ girlfriend clears up cheating rumors

She went on to claim that she and boyfriend Robbie have been dating for “a little bit over a year” and were even close friends before they made things official, showing no jealousy or worries about any infidelity on his part.


As for the purported cheating, Lauren claimed that the “hair tie” around Robbie’s wrist was actually one of two matching magnetic bracelets she’d bought for them, alongside a friendship bracelet she’d also gotten him earlier on.

Regarding the alleged “phone pass,” Lauren stated that Robbie’s phone was actually in his lap. “It was in between his legs on the couch, so when he bent over, it was one out of shock because he had no idea I was coming,” she clarified. “So yeah, there was no phone pass, the phone was on the couch.”

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“All of the friends in that video knew I was coming,” she continued. “Five minutes before that video was taken, Robbie was in his room and the guy in the striped shirt, he knew I was coming and getting there soon, so he had to go in Robbie’s room and say, ‘Oh come out, we wanna play games with you.'”

“If you have an issue with your boyfriend hanging out with the other gender, that’s fine with you,” she added. “It doesn’t make me uncomfortable. My boyfriend and I have good communication. It’s not gonna worry me, because we have complete trust in each other.”