GeorgeNotFound smashes world record for Twitch cooking stream viewers

Emma Hill
GeorgeNotFound holding World Record

Minecraft streamer George ‘GeorgeNotFound’ has set the record for the most viewers of a cooking livestream on Twitch, thanks to the help of fellow YouTuber Jack Massey Welsh.

Several of the world’s most famous streamers have swapped the desk chair for the frying pan, spicing up their content by doing cooking streams live from their kitchen.

Just some of the content creators who have shown off their culinary skills include Pokimane, QTCinderella, and Maya. However, kjanecaron’s cooking stream didn’t quite go to plan.

However, all streamers will now be competing to beat the record for the most viewers of their future cooking streams thanks to the work of YouTuber GeorgeNotFound.

GeorgeNotFound Minecraft stream
With 4.8 million followers on Twitch, GeorgeNotFound is famous for his Minecraft streams.

GeorgeNotFound sets record for cooking streams

GeorgeNotFound is well-known for his Minecraft streams. Although, he’s also entertained fans with his wild and, at the time, chaotic baking streams.

One particular food-fuelled stream became so popular that George set the record for the most viewers for cooking livestream on Twitch, reaching 319, 846 concurrent viewers.

It all comes after he was nominated for the accolade by YouTuber Jack Massey Welsh who shared how the event came to be on his YouTube channel.

According to Welsh, George first approached asking him to send off a nomination for him after supposedly breaking the record for the highest number of hot tub livestream views. However, the application was denied by Guinness as it was deemed that the small inflatable pool George used was technically not a hot tub.

So, the duo compiled evidence and statistics which would make George the record holder for the highest concurrent viewers during his cooking stream ‘George Learns To Cook…‘ from March 20, 2021.

The application was a success and George received his framed certificate proclaiming that he was an official world record holder. As a further sweetener, Welsh also gifted him a trophy for the ‘Most Watched Hot Tub Stream.’

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