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iiTzTimmy hits 50k subs already at start of year-long Twitch subathon

Published: 13/May/2022 11:54

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends star Timmy ‘iiTzTimmy’ An has already picked up 50,000 subscribers on Twitch only a few weeks after kicking off a “year-long” subathon. 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year or so, you’ve more than likely come across a subathon being held on Twitch with both big and small streamers jumping on the trend.

Each new subscription forces the streamer to keep broadcasting for an additional amount of time, with some streaming for days and even weeks upon end thanks to the generosity of their viewers.

To celebrate his 22nd birthday, Apex Legends wizard iiTzTimmy kicked off a subathon with a “year-long” cap, and he’s already had some pretty decent success with it.


Twitch: iitztimmy
iitztimmy is one of the premier Apex Legends players on Twitch.

The Apex Legends standout started his subathon back on April 19 and has already managed to rise up the ranks of Twitch’s most-subbed channels.

In fact, Timmy currently sits sixth overall with almost 55,000 subscribers. That puts him behind the likes of xQc, NICKMERCS, and Casimito – with the latter currently dominating Twitch with over 125,000 subscribers of their own.

While Apex is usually his game of choice, Timmy has been experimenting plenty during the first few weeks of his subathon, dipping into Valorant, different VR games, and even Bloodhunt. He’s spent plenty of time in the Just Chatting and Sleeping categories too, which always happens on subathons.


Even though there have been thousands of attempts, no subathon has yet managed to break Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren’s record of amassing 283,000 subscribers.

If he holds true to his “year-long” cap, Timmy will certainly break EmilyCC’s record for the longest subathon, which currently stands at 178 days. Though, we’ll just have to wait and see how things unfold over the next couple of weeks.