Gaules dethrones xQc as Twitch’s most-watched streamer after Rio Major boost


Brazilian streaming star Alexandre ‘Gaules’ Borba has once again toppled Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel as Twitch’s most-watched streamer, thanks to CS:GO’s IEM Rio Major.

When it comes to deciding Twitch’s most popular streamers, fans typically look at a few different bits of criteria. You have the most-subscribed to streamers who stand out, there are also the most-followed streamers who have been around for years, and then you have those who have attracted the most viewers for a consistent period. 

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The likes of xQc and Ninja have dominated the first two categories for the longest time, but the third is a constant tussle between a few names. A handful of streamers have taken the crown of Twitch’s most-watched streamer over the last few months including xQc, Gaules, and Kai Cenat.

In the case of Gaules, the former Counter-Strike pro typically makes a run for the top spot whenever a big CS:GO tournament goes down. And well, with the November Major being in his backyard of Rio, it makes sense that he has come out on top this time around. 

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Gaules beats xQc as Twitch’s most-watched streamer in November

That’s right, with Gaules stealing the show at the Rio Major and streaming live from the event – all the way from the Challenger’s Stage to the Grand Finals – he’s shot to the top of the most-watch charts. 

According to stats from SullyGnome, the Brazilian streamer dominated both the hours watched and peak viewers stats for November – beating out ESL’s official major streams, xQc, Kai Cenat, and his compatriot Casimito. 

Gaules had nearly 21 million hours of watch time, over 2 million more than second-placed ESL. His peaker viewing numbers was over 534,000 as well, which is no mean feat. 

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Screenshot via SullyGnome
Gaules led the way on Twitch in November thanks to the IEM Rio Major.

As we’ve seen previously, though, the streamer is likely to lose his top spot when the stats for next month roll around. 

He’s been in a constant tussle with xQc for that top spot, and the two will probably go back and forth next month too.

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