Gaules takes xQc’s Twitch throne for May after mega PGL Antwerp Major streams

. 29 days ago
Brazilian Streamer Gaules throwing shakas at the camera
Twitter: Gaules

Brazilian CSGO streamer Gaules has nabbed the top spot on Twitch for May 2022, knocking Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel out of pole-position for the month while smashing personal records. 

The coveted title of ‘most-watched’ streamer is fought for each month with fierce competition. Never far from the top, May saw xQc drop down to number two after dominating the first half of the year.

With the PGL Major in Antwerp setting a fire under viewers, popular Counter-Strike streamer Gaules saw an explosion in his viewership, setting a personal record for concurrent views with more than 437,000 people tuning in.

Gaules’ stream was watched for nearly 29 million hours across May, compared to xQc’s 24.4 million.

Asmongold, Tyler1, and Trainwrecks rounded out the rest of the top 5 individual streamers for the month, according to stats taken from Sullygnome.

Twitch: Gaules
Gaules has long entertained fans with his Counter-strike antics.

The 37-year old Brazilian wasn’t content merely winning in terms of viewership, he had his stream live either with fresh content or reruns for 743 of May’s 744 hours. His Twitch channel was basically a 24/7 hub of CS:GO entertainment.

Gaules is not entirely new to taking xQc out for the top spot. He did the same thing back in October 2021 — during the last CS:GO Major in Stockholm, Sweden.

Off of the back of the excitement surrounding the Antwerp Major, CS:GO managed to crack into the top 5 most-watched categories for the month, falling just shy of 94 million hours watched on Twitch.

As the Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp trial dominated Twitch’s viewing communities, ‘Just Chatting’ retained its top spot as most-viewed category on the livestreaming platform with 274.7 million hours watched.

League of Legends saw a healthy 23% increase in viewership, growing to near 160 million hours watched, linked to mid-year tournament MSI 2022 breaking viewership records.

T1 and G2 Esports on stage at MSI 2022
Lee Aiksoon for Riot Games
MSI 2022 helped League of Legends retain its spot as Twitch’s most popular game.

You can find the full Top 10 most watched Twitch streamers list for May 2022 below.

Most watched Twitch streamers in May 2022

  1. Gaules: 28,850,374
  2. xQc: 24,383,030
  3. Asmongold: 19,566,977
  4. lolTyler1: 15,239,313
  5. Trainwreckstv: 10.075.880
  6. Ibai: 7,747,222
  7. AuronPlay: 7,016,609
  8. Tarik: 6,611,554
  9. HasanAbi: 5,869,275
  10. Eliasn97: 5,846,191

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