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Gabbie Hanna under fire for allegedly “stalking” Bo Burnham in resurfaced video

Published: 9/Jun/2021 0:19 Updated: 9/Jun/2021 0:21

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star Gabbie Hanna continues to face backlash after critics re-discovered an older video where the influencer claimed she faked a relationship with Viner-turned-comedian Bo Burnham.

Bo Burnham’s new Netflix comedy special has the entire internet talking, and it’s certainly inspiring to see his success. Rising to prominence through humorous content on platforms like Vine and YouTube, Burnham went on to record specials with Comedy Central and even wrote and directed his own movie, Eighth Grade.

Now, he’s smashed yet another major milestone by scoring a Netflix special, ‘Inside’ — but this has also brought up an interesting element of his past that wasn’t actually real.


Amid the ongoing drama surrounding Gabbie Hanna, some netizens re-discovered a video she uploaded in October 2014, which shows the influencer talking about her most “embarrassing secrets.”

Gabbie Hanna photoshopped Bo Burnham profile pic
YouTube: The Gabbie Show
Gabbie Hanna photoshopped herself into a picture with Bo Burhnam, which she used as the profile photo for a fake Facebook account under his name to make it appear like they were in a relationship.

One of these secrets included faking a romantic relationship with Bo Burnham. Hanna created a “fake Facebook account” posing as Bo Burnham, photoshopped herself into a picture with him and set it as the profile picture, and even “accepted” a relationship request from the phony account to her personal profile.

“I was a bit of a fangirl,” Hanna claimed. “And by fangirl, I mean ‘stalker.’ I would write on his Facebook wall all the time, and he would answer me, and I would Tweet at him, and he would answer my Tweets. I was really creepy.”


“I told everybody that it was real,” she said of her fake Facebook account. “I was so dedicated to that lie, and I was telling myself the whole time that it was like a joke and I was being funny, but lowkey, I was living this really creepy fantasy.”

Gabbie Hanna fortune cookie
YouTube: The Gabbie Show
Gabbie gave Burnham her number after meeting him at a show. According to her, he never called.

That’s not all; someone even updated Burnham’s Wikipedia article to state that he and Hanna were dating as the Facebook account became more and more believable.

Hanna then said that she went to a comedy show and took a photo with Burnham (as well as giving him her number, written on a fortune cookie) which she used to replace her old photoshopped profile picture.


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While Burnham never called her, the incident hasn’t remained an embarrassing secret: The resurfaced video has sparked a slew of outrage online, with many accusing Hanna of making Burnham into the highly private individual he is today due to her antics.

Gabbie Hanna YouTube comments
Commenters who rediscovered the video have sounded off about Hanna’s story about her faked relationship with Bo Burnham.

Burnham himself has yet to comment on the video at the time of writing.