Gabbie Hanna addresses fan concern after “worrying” TikToks

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Influencer Gabbie Hanna has responded to concerns about her wellbeing, following a series of videos she uploaded to TikTok in August.

On August 23, fans of internet personality Gabbie Hanna grew concerned when the 31-year-old began uploading a series of “worrying” videos to TikTok, in which she discussed a variety of topics including religion and death. She was also called out for comments many described as “racist.”

She posted over 100 videos within a 24-hour-period, including several in which she documented letting a stranger named Nick into her home, who claimed he needed to use her bathroom. She eventually filmed herself kicking him out, with many fans claiming they were “terrified” for the influencer.

It was later reported by TMZ that the LAPD had visited Gabbie after receiving an influx of calls. Medical professionals reportedly had a “long chat” with the influencer, but they “determined she didn’t pose a threat to herself or anyone else” and “allowed her to remain in her home.”

Gabbie Hanna responds to fan concerns

On September 2, Gabbie uploaded a number of videos in which she addressed the situation from the week prior.

“Yes, I was manic. I am bipolar. I’ve talked about it, you can scroll back, it’s no secret I’m bipolar,” she said. “But I’ve never experienced a manic state, I’ve only ever experienced a hypomanic state, so that was actually a brand new thing for me that I was experiencing in real-time with all of you guys.”

Speaking about the individual she let into her house, she added: “So, after I kicked him out of my house, I was pretty shaken and hurt to be honest, because this city is so f**king evil, like straight up. And no matter what happens to me, I still fight so hard to just try to do the right thing and the kind thing because I don’t want to be one of those people who turns people away in their moment of need.”

Gabbie recounted her experience of the police then arriving at her house and handcuffing her, explaining that she was initially confused about why they were there, believing it to be something to do with the stranger who had just left.

She went on to discuss the police response, calling out their lack of internal communication: “I believe that a lot of the cops that show up have good intentions, they’re just doing their job, but they don’t communicate with each other, so now I’m the target of the police getting angry that calls are coming in about it.”

Although acknowledging that she was in a manic state, Gabbie did go on to clarify: “I also am not going to invalidate my own spiritual experiences because I do still believe in the divine, I’ve always on my platform talked about being psychic, and made a lot of videos about my ghost stories, and that stuff is still real to me.”

Gabbie said that she will be going back to therapy, adding that she’s “currently looking for a therapist who is also spiritual and won’t invalidate my spirituality or my beliefs.”

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