Gabbie Hanna kicks out “stranger” who gained access to her home by lying

Virginia Glaze
Gabbie Hanna another mass TikTok upload home broken into

YouTuber Gabbie Hanna has uploaded another slew of TikTok videos, claiming her home was broken into, kicking a stranger out of her home, and that she was sent for a psychiatric evaluation as viewers continue to express concern for the influencer.

Gabbie Hanna is an OG YouTuber, TikTok star, author, and musician who has sparked worry from her fanbase over the past few days.

The drama started when Hanna suddenly uploaded over 100 videos to TikTok on August 23 after a fan mocked her for saying she wanted to “save the world.”

The YouTuber posted a swath of emotional videos shortly afterward, in which she discussed topics like religion, race, philosophical views and even “starving babies.”

Viewers took to the comments section asking the influencer to get help, worried for her mental health — especially after one particular video where she screamed “help me” into a mirror.

Shortly thereafter, Hanna’s sister took to social media to explain the situation, claiming that her family are “doing what can be done from here,” as they are in Pennsylvania and Hanna is in Los Angeles.

On August 25, Hanna uploaded another slew of videos to TikTok — 30, at the time of writing — in some of which she claimed her home was broken into.

At first, Hanna said a man came to her door asking to use the bathroom. She let him in and noted that he declined her offer of coffee as “he must’ve realized that he’d be leaving behind DNA.”

“Luckily, he still left me his fingerprints,” she added.

The individual in question is a man named ‘Nick’, who said he went to her home because people online were saying she needed help.

When Gabbie realized he was not just a random man off the street and in fact someone who knew about her and the situation, she promptly kicked him out.

That’s not all; Hanna also stated that she was then “cuffed and detained by five officers who busted into my house through the back door because I exercised my free speech and religion.”

Hanna then claimed that she was almost “dragged off to a hospital” by two psych evaluation specialists, but “luckily I’m smart, educated, kind, and brave.”

This video follows another clip she updated the day prior, where she claimed her house had been broken into with no additional information.

Hanna has also responded to comments worried about her health, such as this one where a viewer claimed she was “in a manic state.” Other videos Hanna uploaded included talk of “archangels” and “miracles.”

Gabbie Hanna claims she’s lost access to Twitter & Instagram accounts

In one of her final uploads in the haul, Hanna also claimed that “dad told me to say” she no longer has access to her Twitter or Instagram accounts “because I didn’t want it.”

She then fell into laughter before finishing her statement, captioning the video “I think he’s about to perform a miracle, but I’m not too sure.” It’s unclear if her use of ‘dad’ in the video means her biological father or not.

For now, viewers are continuing to send their support to the star in wake of her latest mass TikTok upload.