FouseyTube warns that his Snapchat account has been hacked

. 3 years ago
FouseyTUBE / Snapchat

YouTube star Yusef ‘FouseyTUBE’ Erekat discovered on December 12 that his Snapchat account has been hacked by fellow YouTuber M2thak.

Getting hacked on social media is never a good thing, even more so when it’s by somebody you know. Fousey found out that his Snapchat account was hacked by M2thak, but instead of posting strange things on the account like we usually see with hacked accounts, he just explained that he wanted to talk.

“Hey guys,” M2thak said. “I hope you guys are all enjoying FouseyTUBE’s page being hacked by yours truly, M2thak, and my team of great computer wizards such as Hackistan.”

Instead of doing anything malicious, it sounds like he’s just doing it as a message to others about keeping their accounts safe and secure.

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“We’re not here to scare,” he said. “We’re not here to get clout. We’re here to send a message of cybersecurity.”

Instead of being worried about the hacking, he explained he hasn’t used the account in years. It seems a bit strange to hack an inactive account, but that is where we’re at right now.

While you don’t want to ever be hacked, having an inactive account targeted is the best case scenario if it does happen.

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Since Fousey doesn’t seem too broken up about it being hacked, it seems like a non-issue in an otherwise tumultuous month for the YouTuber.

On December 11, he was banned from Twitch – a suspension he thought was indefinite, so he began looking into ways to switch to Microsoft’s streaming platform Mixer. Eventually, he was able to go live on Caffeine since he was dead set on finding somewhere to stream for a night.

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However, the ban lasted just a day before being lifted, but then his Snapchat was hacked. On top of his December Twitch suspension, he was actually banned near the end of November, making it the second incident in less than a month.

The YouTuber will certainly be looking to put this string of bad luck behind him as he closes out the decade and moves into 2020.

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