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Fousey suspended from Twitch after second ban in a month

Published: 12/Dec/2019 5:20 Updated: 13/Dec/2019 5:35

by Brad Norton


December 12 update: Fousey’s ban on Twitch has been reversed, with the popular YouTube creator free to stream on the Amazon-owned platform. He is yet to make a statement regarding the reversal.

This article was originally titled “Fousey permanently banned from Twitch after second ban in a month.” Article continues below.

Popular YouTuber Yusef ‘FouseyTUBE’ Erekat has been indefinitely suspended from Twitch following his second ban in just one month.

Having been initially suspended from the streaming platform on November 20, Fousey was confused as to exactly what actions led to his removal. Just a few days after being reinstated on Twitch, the internet superstar appears to have been banned once again. This time, it’s permanent. 


On December 11, the Twitch partner was removed from the platform entirely and Fousey had a few words to say in an attempt to express his frustration.

Twitter: fouseyFousey was indefinitely suspended from Twitch on December 11.
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Twitch rarely provides public comment on their various suspensions and this most recent case is no different. Despite having only just made his way back to the platform, Fousey’s latest broadcast saw him “banned indefinitely,” according to the streamer, with no clear outline as to why.

Evidently frustrated with the cards he had been dealt, the YouTuber subsequently outlined in a tirade on Twitter that he was “never going back to Twitch.”

“Yo Twitch give me my account back or at least give me someone to speak to,” he demanded just moments after being taken offline for good.  


Twitter: fousey

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Toying with the idea of jumping ship and planting his flag in new streaming territory, Fousey asked his followers how to stream on Mixer, the Microsoft-owned Twitch rival that hosts the likes of Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and ‘Michael ‘shroudGrzesiek.

“HOLD ON. Trying to make a mixer on a fake account. Lemme try this,” the YouTuber continued before realizing that “mixer takes 24 hours to give [him] a stream key.”

“Damn Twitch you did me so dirty tonight,” he expressed. “At least offer a representative to speak to.”

Eventually, Fousey settled on a service and went live on Caffeine, however he rapidly ended that particular broadcast. Instead, Fousey created an alternate account and once again went live on Twitch, this time under the name ‘fouseyyyy.’


Twitter: fousey
Twitter: fousey
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With over 10 million subscribers on YouTube alone, perhaps the content creator will house all of his efforts under the single umbrella and now focus his live broadcasts on his most successful platform.

While the ban could be overturnedit seems as though bridges have been sufficiently burnt and the YouTuber is set to move on from the streaming platform entirely.