Fouseytube pleads with Twitch after three-day ban amid 24/7 subathon

Virginia Glaze

YouTuber Fouseytube is pleading with Twitch after the live streaming platform handed him a three-day ban in the midst of his 24/7 subathon.

Fouseytube is a prominent influencer who is best known for his YouTube content. Fousey is hailed as one of the site’s OG creators, having started his channel back in 2011 where he uploads vlogs, skits, and prank videos.

However, he’s also got a budding presence on Twitch, where he boasts over 170k followers. He’s been trying to grow his following on the site with a subathon, where, up until now, he’d been streaming for 21 days straight, 24 hours a day.

However, Fousey recently revealed he was hit with a ban from Twitch that will last three days. Although he hasn’t divulged a reason for this sudden suspension, his channel currently boasts a message that reads: “This channel is temporarily unavailable due to a violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.”

Fouseytube is one of YouTube’s OG creators.

Fouseytube “gutted” after Twitch hits YouTuber with three-day ban

Fousey pleaded with Twitch to reverse their decision in a tweet sharing a screenshot of his ban notice, reminding the platform that he was in the middle of a subathon and that such a suspension could severely harm his channel’s momentum.

“Dear @Twitch @TwitchSupport …I’m doing a 24/7 subathon. I’ve been live for 21 days. I have 22,000 subscribers. I’m flying to Nashville for all access footage to Misfits 008. A three-day suspension will literally end me. What can I do? PLEASE help me. I am BEGGING.”

“I am absolutely gutted,” he wrote in another post. “But I’m keeping my spirits high and my attitude bright. Everything happens for a reason. I pray @Twitch @TwitchSupport sees my appeal and gives me a second chance.”

Thus far, it’s still unclear what caused Fousey’s ban — but several commenters are pointing the YouTuber-turned-Twitch streamer toward Kick, a rival streaming platform that has been scooping up a plethora of high-profile creators over the past few months.

This is just the latest drama to befall Fouseytube after the YouTuber got into beef with TikTok star Bryce Hall the day prior after he made mention of a physical altercation they got into nearly two years ago.